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Niche Researching Keywords

Monday, November 28th, 2011
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It is truth you don’t need any website, domain name with hosting in order to earn money online but most big boys that earned a lot of money are having more than 1 websites. So in order to earn the desire amount of money, you are encourage to have a domain name + hosting.

Before jumping ahead to register a domain name + hosting, just sit down for a while and think about the name you want for your business. It is recommended that you register a domain name that related to your niche or products that you want to promote or sell online.

You can make use of Google Keyword Tool External to select keywords or domain names that naturally rank well in search engine.

Google Trends allow you to find out latest top searches during the day. Insights For Search allow you to see what the world is searching for from 2004 to present.

Explore the audiences of specific websites with Trends For Websites. You can check the traffics of certain sites, what kind of keywords that have been searched and from which countries… etc.

With all the information you have gather, then you can search for the availability of the domain name below. Listed below are some of the great domain tools that you can used.

  1. Alohanic – Expired Domain Search
  2. Alohanic – Recently Deleted Domain Search
  3. Alohanic – Uber Search
  4. BustAName – Domain Finder That Uses Linguistic Data To Search
  5. Dotomator – Handy Name Generator
  6. Dotster  – Great Domain Search
  7. NameBoy – Find Best Domain Name Search, Company Domain Name Generator
  8. NameDroppers – Domain Name Search Engine
Enter Domain Name Keywords:

Another thing to take into consideration is Google Search Engine like WordPress platform more than others. Thus, it is advisable to have a hosting that support cPanel and WordPress.

If you are not familiar with WordPress platform, you can register free a web base WordPress by playing around it. You can practice by posting some posts or pages.

The only limitation of web base WordPress if to compare with the full version that available on your own hosting is web base WordPress did not gave you the cPanel and you can’t upload any plugins. It have been known that some of these plugins are very important to help you building up the online business. If you can’t upload, then you just can’t use it.

When you finally confident that you are ready for the full version, just go ahead with it.